We make Bermuda's roads safer for everyone…

But we can't do it alone. We need your help. To offer suggestions, visit our contact page by clicking the button below.

A father, mother and their two daughters sitting in the trunk of their car during a stop by the aquarium during a morning drive.
Our mission

To educate the public with effective tools to reduce collisions and road fatalities

The Bermuda Road Safety Council is committed to providing the motoring public with information and tools to make safe decisions when driving on Bermuda's roads. Educated drivers are cautious drivers, and more cautious drivers means a better overall experience on the road for everyone.

Reduce traffic collisions and morbidity through education

When it comes to road safety, an educated community is a safer community. We are committed to educating the community on the rules of Bermuda's roads and  tips for safer driving. Sign up for our newsletter and follow our Facebook page to keep up with our educational events.

Create a safer road culture that promotes positive driving and riding practices

We will strive to create a culture that considers road safety a priority above all else. Whether driving, riding or walking, the more of us that that implement safe practices, the safer we will all be collectively.

Encourage community participation to create meaningful solutions

The Bermuda Road Safety Council cannot do it alone. We encourage members of the community to participate in our efforts to improve road safety. We openly welcome feedback, suggestions and members at any and all times.