Project Ride

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Get a driver's licence

There are three steps to get a driver’s licence in Bermuda:

  1. Complete a Driver's Licence Application
  2. Write an exam
  3. Take a driving test

Driver's Licence Application

You will need a doctor to complete part of this form to certify you are fit to operate a motor vehicle.  If you are interested in a commercial truck licence, please visit the Transport Control Department main office to apply.

Writing the exam

To take the exam, you will need to bring your birth certificate, a valid passport, or a work permit as well as the completed application to the Transport Control Department main office. The electronic exam will test your general knowledge of the rules of the road, speed limits, and signage. If you pass the exam you can purchase a Learner’s Permit. You can purchase the handbook at the main office of the Transport Control Department.

Examination Fees

  • Examination of Auxiliary Cycle - $34.00
  • Examination of Motor Cycle - $35.00
  • Examination of 4 Wheel Vehicles - $49.00
  • Examination for Driver's Licence (Under 65 Years) - $46.00

Take the driving test

After passing the written exam, schedule an appointment to take a driving test at the TCD testing grounds. You can phone our office during business hours to book an appointment. The test covers basic topics, and tests for 4-wheel cycles also include a parallel parking test, reversing test, and a supervised driving test. Find out about the motorcycle riding test requirements.

After passing the driving test, you will be issued a licence for up to a period of ten years, or up to your 65th birthday. At 65 years of age, your driver’s licence is renewed every five years. After the age of 75, the licence has to be renewed every two years.

After you successfully complete all these steps, you will receive a driver’s licence to operate a motor vehicle in Bermuda.

Additional information for new residents

To get a driver’s licence, you must be able to prove that you will be resident in Bermuda for a period of 30 days or more. In the case of visitors renting property on a holiday basis for 30 days or more, a copy of your lease may be required.

You might find it helpful to book an orientation lesson with a local driving instructor. This will familiarize you with local driving practices, city road markings, and the one way routes throughout the city. To book an orientation lesson, please contact the TCD main office.