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Vehicle Licensing

Renew your vehicle licence

You can renew your motor vehicle licence online for any vehicles that you own. The licence is valid for one year and must be renewed annually. You can also book an appointment for a car, truck or cycle test online.

Annual Renewal Fees

The annual registration fee is determined by the class of vehicle. This fee does not include the examination fee.

To find out the class of your car, take a look at the vehicle’s registration, which is in the pocket of the sticker on the vehicle’s windshield. If you cannot locate your car’s class, you can contact the Transport Control Department for help.

If you renew your licence online, all transactions are secure and encrypted and credit card information is not stored on the ETCD system.

Click here to view all renewal fees.

Requirements for renewing your vehicle licence

You can only renew licences online for private cars, auxiliary cycles, and motorcycles. You must go to the Transport Control Department to re-licence all other vehicles.

You must have the following documentation to renew your licence:

  1. Valid vehicle examination.
  2. Major credit card
  3. Copy of your current, valid insurance policy with your policy number and expiration dates.

To renew your licence online, you will also need a valid email address and Bermudian licence or learning permit.

If your vehicle is not currently registered to a valid assessment number, you will not be allowed to register online.

Application to Re-Licence a Private Car (Assessment Form)

Changing the owner of a vehicle

  1. Make an appointment with Bermuda Emissions Control;
  2. Take your vehicle to the appropriate testing location on the day of your appointment;
  3. The owner of the vehicle must complete the Bill of Sale;
  4. Give the completed Bill of Sale to the new owner; they must come into TCD with valid insurance, Bill of Sale, Assessment Form signed by the Landlord (if needed), and the (pass) transfer slip.

Lost vehicle registration

You will need to visit the TCD Main Office and pay a $13.00 replacement registration fee to be issued a new registration. Only the person whose name is on the registration can come in for a replacement.