Project Ride

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Project Ride

What is Project Ride?

Project Ride is an auxiliary cycle training course that enables teenagers to acquire their Bermuda Youth License. This complimentary program is directed by the Transport Control Department together with the Department of Education, and is sponsored by the Road Safety Council.

Enrollment can occur from the age of 15 ½ years old, however 3 months of turning 16 is preferred. The Bermuda Youth License which is acquired at 16 years old and expires 3 months after the holder’s eighteenth birthday.

This 12 hour course introduces students to various aspects of road use, traffic laws, as well as emphasizing on correct and safe procedures for dealing with Bermuda’s congested roads.

Topics covered include:

  • Basic cycle maintenance
  • How to communicate with other road users
  • How to read road signs and markings
  • A system of cycle control
  • Safe positioning and following distances
  • Correct braking and acceleration procedures
  • How to negotiate corners and junctions
  • Roundabouts, skid prevention and overtaking
  • Road sense, courtesy and responsibility
  • Licensing/insuring a cycle, laws governing road use, and common traffic offences