About the Bermuda Road Safety Council

The Bermuda Road Safety Council is the overseeing body mandated by the government of Bermuda to manage road safety in Bermuda. The Road Safety Plan - “Operation Caution” 2018-2023 is our mandate to operating an effective road safety strategy for Bermuda.  

Our Mission Statement is “To educate the public with effective tools to reduce collisions and road fatalities.” Our Vision Statement is “To create a safer road culture that promotes positive driving/riding practices, creating smarter road user and saving lives.”

We aim to serve the community by educating about and promoting safe and best practice driving behaviors on our roads. "

A message from our Council Chairman

"When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” - Paulo Coelho.

Let's each one of us do our part to become a solution to road safety in Bermuda.

Hon. Dennis Lister III, JP, MP

Through education and promoting positive practices, we aim to make Bermuda’s roads safer for everyone.

We all deserve to feel safe using Bermuda’s roads, whether we are drivers, bikers, cyclists, pedestrians, locals or tourists. To that end, the Bermuda Road Safety Council is on a mission to promote a safer culture of road usage on our small island.

To achieve this goal, we will continuously spread our message of road safety through educational events, public discussions and services while engaging with the community as much as possible. We encourage members of the public to join the council and bring their own ideas and strategies to make Bermuda’s roads safer.

”Be a piece of the puzzle, while becoming part of the solution.”