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Public Advisory: Summer Socialising Awareness Advice

June 13, 2023

There are many events and activities planned for this weekend, for the Bermuda Carnival, and Bermuda Heroes Day festivities.

The Bermuda Police Service offers the following advice to residents and visitors planning to attend any upcoming social gatherings.

Don’t drive, ride or operate a watercraft while intoxicated.

Have a plan to get safely home, or to your chosen destination, after socialising.

Don’t let your drink out of sight and don’t consume any drink left unattended.

Always be aware of your surroundings. If possible, attend and leave parties with friends you already know.

Be mindful of anything that might attract the unwanted attention of opportunistic thieves, like wearing expensive jewellery or being overly intoxicated.

Unattended parked cars, trucks should be left in a well-lit area, with doors locked and windows closed.

Similarly, unattended parked motorcycles should be left securely locked in a well-lit area. If possible, use a secondary motorcycle lock.

Do not approach any vehicle alone if there are suspicious people nearby.

As a reminder, to report any crime or suspicious circumstances please immediately call 211, or 911 in an emergency. If an urgent police response is not required, the BPS online community reporting portal, can be used.