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Road Safety Council Monthly Statement - Maintain Your Distance

April 1, 2023

Rear-end collisions occur when a driver of a vehicle does not keep a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of them. This is why the Bermuda Road Safety Council would like to take this opportunity to remind the motoring public to always “Maintain Your Distance” while driving or riding.

A safe following distance is one of the golden rules of being a smart driver. It helps you maintain a steady speed and gives you time and space to decelerate or accelerate smoothly when needed. It also provides an escape route if you need to get out of trouble.

According to the Traffic Code Handbook which states: “Oneway of keeping a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front is by leaving a gap of at least two seconds. However, remember your overall stopping distance depends on your speed and condition of the road surface. The distance should be at least doubled (4 seconds) in wet weather and for night conditions.”

If you find yourself in a situation where the vehicle behind you is to close we advise you to pull over and allow them to pass you. Do not allow the driver to intimidate or force you to take risks behind the wheel. Remain calm and don’t allow your emotions to get the better of you. Instead, stay in control of the vehicle so that you can drive safely.

As we continue to advocate for safer roads we ask the motoring public to do their part in keeping our roads safe, by practicing good driving be haviours such as:

·        Always maintaining a safe following distance

·        Avoid distractions

·        Adhere to the rules of the road

 Most accidents are preventable which is why the BRSC encourages the motoring public, especially motorcyclists to drive with care and caution, reduce your speed, and don’t drink and drive.


CautiousDrivers = Safer Roads = Safer Bermuda