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Road Safety Statement- May 2023

May 1, 2023

2wheels, 4 wheels, 1 road for everyone is the Bermuda Road Safety Council’s topic for the month of May.As May is also National Bike Safety month the Bermuda Road Safety Councilbelieves this is a great time to remind the public that sharing the road isimportant for all road users.


As stated inthe TCD Traffic Code Handbook – “All persons have a right to use the road forthe purpose of passage.” Whether you are a driver, motorcyclists, cyclists orpedestrian, we all have a role to play in keeping our roads safe and the firststep is to learn how to share the road with others.


For drivers, sharing the road begins withunderstanding that motorcyclists, and cyclists have the same rights as you. Asthese vehicles are smaller and less visible we encourage drivers to be extracautious, give plenty of room when overtaking and always maintain yourdistance.

As a motorcyclist or cyclist it is crucial to followthe rules of the road, even a little negligence can prove to be detrimental. Withthe lack of proper protection for crashes, motorcyclist and cyclist are morelikely to sustain serious injuries or death if involved in a crash. Thesecrashes can be avoided by learning how to share the road with other road users.

With the highrate of accidents involving motorcyclists in Bermuda the BRSC imploresmotorcyclists to slow down, avoid the third lane, take extra caution whenovertaking and always give larger vehicles the space they need.

We also remind drivers and riders to be extracautious when approaching pedestrians. Alwaysslow down and be prepared to yield to pedestrians when they're in a crosswalk. Never pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk,as there may be people crossing whom you can't see.

It isimportant to share the road and drive safely all year round, and with theBermuda Day Holiday approaching the Bermuda Road Safety Council encourages themotoring public to drive with care and caution, slow down and don’t drink anddrive.

The BRSC would also like to announce that May 14th– 20th, 2023, is Road Safety Week in Bermuda. The theme for thisyear is “Changing Minds/Changing Behaviours.” #SaferRoadsForAll. We invite thepublic out on Monday May 15th, 2023, to City Hall from 12pm – 2pmfor the opening event for the Road Safety Week.


Remember- Cautious Drivers = Safer Roads = SaferBermuda

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