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11 Impaired Driving Arrests during advertised Road Side Sobriety checkpoints.

February 28, 2023

11 Impaired Driving Arrests During Checkpoints This Past Weekend

Acting Superintendent Robert Cardwell, Tactical Operations Division

“As advertised, road side sobriety testing was enforced between last week Thursday, 23rd February 2023 and Sunday, 26th February 2023 on the roads of Bermuda. In this period, 1,868 engagements were recorded. An engagement is a conversation between a police officer and a motorist where a sobriety assessment is conducted. 24 motorists were tested on road side sobriety testing devices. 11 of those motorists then failed the alco-analyser test at Hamilton Police Station and were arrested for an impaired driving offence.

In addition, during these exercises 5 road users were arrested on outstanding court apprehension warrants, 6 were issued moving violation tickets and 6 were issued motorist advice notices (official written warnings).

Two people were arrested for taking a motorcycle without the owner’s consent and two stolen motorcycles were recovered.

In the month of February 2023 to date, 27 motorists have been arrested for impaired driving offences. This compares to 11 motorists for the same period in 2022. We continue to be concerned around how prolific impaired driving is in our community.

Even in the face of advertisement, there are those who will continue to take the chance.

11 arrests over the course of the last weekend equates to 11 lives saved.

Our message remains, if you drink do not drive.”

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